Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy 8th of July!!

Yeah, yeah. Save your complaints. It's been a hectic week here, OK?! Didn't you get enough photos last week anyway? Uh huh, I get it... you know we were hanging out with Elizabeth last weekend and you want to see some cute baby pics. Fine, here you go, but be warned - you might need a big glass of milk to wash down such sweet, sugary goodness.


Kate just loves a hat, any hat.

Everybody wants to hold the baby.

Romper Room!

We went to a farm stand that has animals for kids to pet and feed.

Maggie loved it! She jumped right in and was extremely brave, which is unlike her normally cautious self. We've always know she has the heart of a farmer.

Kate, not so much.

Mags was pretty proud of herself.

City folks visit the country.

Getting dolled up on the 4th.

Little Lady Liberty - with foam hat and bug spray.

Baby Liberty

Gram and Grandpa

Little E is quite patriotic.

Maggie spent half the weekend scooping these pebbles out of the garden into sand pails and then redistributing them around the yard. Her passion for farming exceeds her know-how, perhaps.

Betty Poop

Stars in Stripes!

Do not adjust your television.

Where's Waldo?

We hit the beach for a picnic dinner.

Kate was thrilled by the water.

Maggie makes a sand angel.

E was not impressed by the temperature of the water. Perhaps she's a West Coast girl after all.

She preferred napping with Dad.

Have baby, will travel.

The girls got all dry and comfy, but Mike was still a little damp.

Miss America

Ice Cream, of course. Those were the cutest little kid-sized double Adirondack chairs with a table in between.

That's the "Kiddie Cone!"

Didn't stop her from begging bites from Grandpa, too!

Sugared Up Silly Pants

Happy 4th of July!


  1. Amanda, they are so adorable! All 3 of them! All their rosey little cheeks and how sweet they all look together. What a great weekend you all had--Mom

  2. AW! They are adorable what pretty pretty girls! It looks like you had a super amazing time!

  3. We put up the rest of the pictures on Snapfish. There's a TON!


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