Thursday, July 1, 2010

Maggie Sez... "It's Raining! I Love It!"

What's that you say?! You want to see more photos of my kids?! It's my job to fulfill your every wish, and I take that responsibility seriously, so here you go.

It was really super hot a few days ago and I promised the girls to blow up the kiddie pool, but I remembered too late that I had borrowed an electric pump from Mike's parents last year and there was no way I could blow it up on my own without having a stroke. So in order to quell the uprising, I took the rebels to Home Depot and bought them a couple of sprinklers. Mike enjoys feeling like the girls are doing some of his chores for him. Win-win!

(NB: That fence technically belongs to the neighbors and their two young sons are systematically destroying it picket by picket. We're trying to decide what we can and should do about it. Try not to look directly at it. Thanks.)

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