Friday, July 2, 2010

You Can Just Call This Week "Photo Extravaganza"

Bear with me - just a few more photos. My brother and sister-in-law brought these cute outfits back from China for the girls, and they arrived in the mail yesterday. Fashion show!

Kate looks very regal, don't you think?! (We did not pose her with that umbrella. She's just been carrying it around the last couple of days for her own inexplicable reasons.)

Maggie was being extremely silly and it was hard to get a good photo of her. Kate is loving on her silky drawers!

Another regal pose from Princess Katherine

Maggie makes a valiant effort to sit nicely for a photo.

Kate's not buying it.

Thanks Uncle Alex and Aunt Jasmin!

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  1. Kate's umbrella really ties her outfit together. She really knows how to accessorize, and already turning out to be a fashionista! So, so cute!


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