Sunday, September 26, 2010

Maggie Sez...

... I'm playing Brasco and Peanut Saves the Day!

This involves a cat-shaped and a dog-shaped Silly Bandz sitting in a bowl of dominoes.

... Brasco is the cat and Peanut is the dog. Brasco and Peanut Saves the Day starts February 6th month!

She then added a duck to the game.
Mike: What's the duck's name?

... Peanut Perasco. Peanut Perasco is a little duck with a lot to learn.

And later...

During dinner, Mike and Maggie are naming all the foods Maggie likes to eat:

Mike: How about cheese sticks?

Maggie: Yes, cheese six. ... And seven.

Mike: Bingo!

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  1. Words from the mouths of babes. I'm getting much amusement from this.


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