Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Pitter Patter of Little Feet

The last picture is the image that started the idea for this post in my head. I was washing up bibs (again!) and putting them in the dish drainer next to our sink and thinking about how that blue booster seat tray could probably be put away since Kate hasn't used in a while. She's sitting up to the table now eating off a plate with a fork and spoon. Soon, she won't need these bibs at all and some days we only use one. It got me thinking about all the little things around the house, in the way, cluttering up corners, tripping us up, that will someday disappear from our lives, and I wanted to take pictures of them before they are gone. Not that I'm gonna miss scrubbing those bibs!

**Disclaimer: I never claimed to be a great photographer! Be glad the things I was trying to take a picture of ended up in the frame at all. :)

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  1. These things may disappear, but watch out...they will return in about 25-30 years...have you looked around our house lately?
    Loved them!
    Gram and Grampa Fowler


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