Sunday, September 25, 2011

New News

1. We seem to have successfully gotten rid of the paci. Kate gave her paci to Elizabeth to give to the Statue of Liberty a few weeks ago and hasn't asked for it lately (after a handful of weepy episodes in the days following). Looking good!

2. Maggie's still loving school. She drew a picture last Friday of her and Kate playing in a pile of leaves. Kate was SO excited that Maggie had included her in the picture and Maggie seemed proud of it, too. Sweet!

3. Kate's had two nights now of sleeping without a pull-up on and we haven't had to change the sheets yet. Fingers crossed!

4. We're currently in the middle of wrecking our downstairs bathroom. I scraped the wallpaper off a couple of weekends ago, only to find mildew behind it. So after I bleached and scrubbed the walls, Mike spackled the bajeezus out it (our house's construction is probably 75% spackle at this point), sanded half of that off, shop vac'd the destruction, primed with Killz twice, and is now up to the actual painting. We de-wallpapered and repainted our entire kitchen in about 2.5 days, but it's taking us a month to do the same to a tiny powder room. 3% less ugly!

5. Maggie is on week three of getting an allowance. We talked it over and she chose feeding the cats as her preferred nightly chore and we added putting away toys as our preferred chore. I made a chart for her to check off each task every day, and she hasn't missed a day yet. We have to remind her, of course, but that girl loves dollar bills, y'all. She has a little tin box in her undies drawer that now contains three one dollar bills, and they are her pride and joy. She's growing up!
6. I'll try to get some photos up soon of M&K riding ponies last weekend at Mike's company picnic. Adorable!

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