Thursday, September 8, 2011


The open house for Maggie's new preschool class was on Wednesday morning. Mike stayed home with Kate while she and I ran over to meet her new teachers, check out the classrooms, and get all the info on where to go and what to do. She had a BLAST and I think it's going to be a great experience for her.

Coloring her apple to put on the classroom tree. (Sorry all these shots are so crappy - I didn't think to take a camera.)

Eating a snack

Coloring a picture with some other girls

Nothing is more fun than other people's toys! I had to practically drag her out of there when the open house was over. We were some of the last few kids there!

She will be in the Mon/Wed/Fri 4-hour class, which means she will take a lunch in her new lunchbox and I will pick her up after that. They have tried to divide the classes into mostly 3 year olds in the 3-hour class and mostly 4 year olds in Maggie's class, but the two classrooms are adjoining and they share a playground, a kitchen, an arts and crafts room and bathrooms. Also, they have decided to have the five teachers float around both rooms over the course of the morning so that all the kids get to know all the staff. I thought all the teachers seemed great, and all but one are early childhood certified - and that last one is a long-time aide and is currently in college working on her degree. Three of the teachers sent their own children to this program not so long ago!

So many people have asked me if I'm ready for this or whether I think Maggie is ready for preschool, and I never really worried about it because I'm certain that she is going to love school and I'm excited for her. What I have not thought too much about is Kate. Maggie and I had to run out the door Wednesday morning while Mike held Kate as she wept, clinging to her shoes, and called out, "Wait for me, Maggie! Wait for me for school!" I'm almost crying just typing it now! And then when we got home, she ran to get her shoes again and asked me if it was her turn to go to school now. I'm kind of dreading the possibility that Kate may be my kid in tears Monday morning as I peel her fingers off the door frame at Fidelity House and drag her away from Maggie's next big adventure.



  1. Awww that made me cry for little Kate. You will have to do something extra special with her when Mags is at school! :)

    That is so exciting for Maggie! She looks like a pro!

  2. Aww...I am getting choked up reading this! First when I saw the pictures of miss maggie...growing up so fast and having fun at school and then also thinking of sweet Kate saying goodbye to maggie!! I agree with val, kate will definitely enjoy her special time with you while maggie having tons of fun at preschool.

  3. We are happy for Maggie! She is truly ready and will love it. The teachers will love her too! I can picture Kate's sad face. :( I bet she will be in her own little class at Fidelity house sooner rather than later! In the meantime you will love this special time with her.


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