Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Love Money, Continued...

I found it! I found Maggie's book about loving money. I remembered it wrong, though. The real title was, "I Love Mommey." I recall now how when I first saw her handiwork I got a bit excited that she had written a book about how much she loved me! But no, she loved pennies, like the one she drew on the cover.

I Love Momey

Page 1, Drawings of Coins

Page S, Self Portrait with Piggy Bank

[Ed. note: Sorry these photos are blurry. I'm not a great photographer and my camera was freaking out about the huge white spaces on the pages. (I guess... I'm not really quite sure what it was freaking out about.)]

My great hope is that someday when she's the head of Doctors Without Borders I can tease her with these photos about her sillier 4 year old self - or perhaps show it off as an example of her precocious artistic talent when she's a famous children's book illustrator - and not have it used as evidence against her in her white collar criminal trial.

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