Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Katie Sez...

First you follow the treasure map...

...to where X marks the spot...

...where a castle has two people with crowns. One crown has a shoe and one has a flower...

(Two people)

(A crown with a shoe and a crown with a flower)

...Then outside the castle and outside the woods there is... A BEAR HAND! (Kate usually screams the words BEAR HANDS!!) The bear hand is picking flowers.

...Next there is a tiny balloon and peanut snacks and another BEAR HAND! This bear hand is also picking flowers.

...And in the field with the bear hands is a crown with a flower, but no people because the people are afraid of the bear hands and they are hiding out in the castle... hiding from the BEAR HANDS!

Good story, Kate.

Also, here are some apple picking photos from last Thursday:
Sampling the goods
We also got to pick two pumpkins.

Besides picking apples and pumpkins, we also got to go on a hayride and eat apple cider donuts.

Pick your own flowers field

They had chickens, goats, sheep, and bunnies to feed.

Hay Maze

There were little battery-powered tractors on a track. Fun!


  1. I love Kate's story... Cracks me up every time I read it.


  2. That is one great story. Please send me some apple cider donuts. yum.


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