Thursday, October 18, 2012

Katie Sez...

... look at this sailboat I made with my imaginary Daddy.

Me: Oh, I'm SO glad someone finally has an imaginary Daddy so it's not just imaginary Mommies (who are always so much better than me) around here all the time.

Kate: Well, my imaginary mom died.


Also, yesterday afternoon, Kate was struggling to draw a ghost and getting frustrated when Maggie zipped into the kitchen excitedly trying to show her how she had roped Earl into a harness and was pretending he was a dog.

Kate stomped her feet and shouted, "Maggie! I do not want to look at your re-dick-ree-us dog! I just need some pwivacy! Maggie! Can you please give me a pwivacy! Gah!"

The fact that she pronounces it re-dick-ree-us just makes it so much more... re-dick-ree-us. I was crying I was laughing so hard.

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