Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Amen, Sister.


Exactly. I'm at the point of dearly looking forward to the day when my girls will just be my children and I'll be free to read non-fiction, go out for drinks with friends, watch a movie and actually pay attention to it, have a conversation about politics, care about getting my hair cut, work, wear shoes daily, etc. But I'm totally not there yet. I'm still enjoying my vacation to end all vacations. (However, when did you last take a vacation in which you worked yourself to death? The vacation analogy is a little lacking. It's perhaps more like taking a couple of years off to join the Peace Corps digging latrines in a third world country. Extremely rewarding and exotic, but also dirty and exhausting.)


  1. It is a bit like the whole Peace Corps thing. I do look forward to the day when doing my hair doesn't mean putting my hair into a ponytail and bobby pinning my bangs back. It is a great vacation though.

  2. After I posted this link, I read all the comments and the spin off pieces that came after this article was published and began to second guess my first strongly positive identification with the author. Was I casting aside my own feminism? Then I second guessed my second guessing: the subtitle was dumb and her description of early baby motherhood and not caring about the outside world was right on. Here's a link to a roundtable that helped me clarify some of my thoughts and was way more balanced than the typical nutjob comments. http://www.salon.com/mwt/broadsheet/feature/2009/08/27/roiphe_motherhood/index.html


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