Monday, August 10, 2009

Beach Babies

My friend Amy was so nice to invite us to go to the beach with her and her mom last Friday. It was great because I really could not have taken the girls by myself - all three of us were like pack mules hauling kids and gear the block and a half from the car to the water! The girls had a total blast, the water wasn't TOO cold, and the only sunburn sustained was on the top of my right foot! Weird. Anyway, Maggie loved jumping in the surf, chasing sea gulls, and knocking over the sand castles that Amy built for her. She also sidled up to some kids playing nearby and took their pail and shovel! They just sat there watching her play with their toys until I went and hauled her away. Next time we go to the beach hopefully we won't need so much baby stuff and diapers and will have more room in the bag for sand toys. Around lunch time, we went over to Amy's in-laws' house for lunch and a swim in their pool where the water was considerably warmer. Kate LOVED the pool, kicking her feet, splashing with her hands, and laughing out loud. Maggie floated in the pool chair and was Queen of the Pool. Pretty much as soon as we got in the car to go home, I looked back to see both of them sound asleep in their car seats - they slept all the way home! It was a super fun day - thanks Amy and Karen!


  1. I love Maggie's purple polka dot suit!! And as I recall, you always got sunburned in weird places. We were all talking about that time at the lake when you burned to a crisp and then commenced to lying in the bathtub crying for about 2 days. Haha. Was that the same weekend you ran the dirtbike into the cabin and then burned your leg on it??? "Memories, in the corner of my miiiind."

  2. That was probably the worst sunburn I ever had! It itched worse than any other I can remember. However, that was NOT the week of my dirtbike accident! I was several years younger then - that was the first year we went to Deb's family's house - and I entirely blame your Dad for that catastrophe! He was the parent in charge!


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