Thursday, August 13, 2009

Maggie Gets a Hair Cut

We've never been able to bring ourselves to cut Maggie's hair so far because we love the curls too much. However, I felt the time had more than come to do it especially since she's in my brother's wedding next month. Nothing drastic took place, just a shaping up and leveling out all the crazy lengths, no bangs or anything like that. She cried a bit at first, but once the stylist gave her a comb to hold - Maggie likes to help - and I started talking to her about the animals on her smock, she calmed right down. As you can see here, by the time she got her 2 lollipops at the end, she was quite cheerful! The certificate has some locks of her hair taped to it - so cute. We'll put it in her baby book.

After lunch we picked blackberries in Gram & Grandpa's yard. She loved it!

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