Friday, May 28, 2010

Hold On To Your Knickers Or This Song Will Blow Them Clean Off

I wondered briefly if I should save this video for next Tuesday, but I just couldn't wait to share it. The idea of you having to spend your hot and sunny holiday weekend without this icy coolness just made me feel sad for you. So here it is, The Black Keys playing "Tighten Up" (from their brand new album Brothers) on Letterman:

You may recognize the guy singing from this post... it's Dan Auerbach, whose recent solo album Keep It Hid has already been raved about here. I love him, skanky beard and all, and that was before I even knew what a champion whistler he is. What can that guy NOT do?!?

Want to hear a nice little story? My favorite birthday present ever was a trip to Cleveland. A few years ago, Mike took me to Cleveland for my birthday... in February. On Lake Erie. Why in the world would he think that would be an awesome gift? Because we went there to see The Black Keys play a concert (they're from Akron, so it was kind of a hometown show - they're always the best), and then we went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We also stayed in a really fancy hotel, which is completely affordable if you are in Cleveland. The show was in this totally rundown old theater, and it was just Patrick (the drummer) and Dan (the singer/guitar player - that's the usual lineup of the band, just two people) and a huge stack of amps. If you look up "wicked awesome" on Wikipedia, there's probably a video of that show there. So whatever happens to our marriage in the future, Mike and I will always have Cleveland. :)

Here's a bonus video if you can stand the excitement.

PS - Note how many of the kids in the background are doing the Fish Stick.

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