Sunday, May 2, 2010

Maggie Sez...

... Let's play a little game called What's the Difference Between Maggie and Amy [Mike's sister]? Let's think!

Here is the outcome of the game according to Maggie:

Blue eyes
Love of ice cream

"The hairs" (Maggie has curly, Amy has straight)
Maggie has a cat named Joyce, Amy has a baby named Elizabeth
Maggie has pretzels and marshmallows and "Amy has not"
Maggie lives in Boston and Amy lives in New York City
Maggie has a meadow of purple flowers (a.k.a. our lawn), and I don't know what Amy has

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  1. Ha! She is TOO much! How funny is this? I am jealous of maggie's meadow of purple flowers...we have a very nice sidewalk with one tree out front. :) Maybe I should go out and get some marshmallows...yum!


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