Friday, May 7, 2010

Piece of Cake

This is the cake Maggie and I made for Mike's birthday.

She decorated it with Swedish Fish, which as you know, are his favorite. (You didn't know?! Why weren't you paying attention?!) Maggie calls them Sweetest Fish because they're sweet of course! This reminds me of when my brother was a kid and he thought that Ferris Beuller was saying "fastest energists" instead of "fascist anarchists."

Here's a pic of Mags after she finished decorating Mike's birthday and some Mother's Day cards while the cake was baking. She was getting a little sticker happy and had to take a break after this.

Besides Swedish Fish, we had sushi for dinner to celebrate... because Mike's birthday is Cinco de Mayo... so that makes perfect sense. Ole!


  1. That cake looks really yummy! I too am a big fan of the Swedish Fish. You two did a great job.

  2. Oh I meant to add, I think you are a few candles short. I put every single candle on John's cake. It looked like it might catch the table on fire. It was awesome!

  3. It also reminds me of when Brad used to sing, "I can't get no, San Francisco" by the Rolling Stones of course.

    And also, "Turn the radio up for that sweet sound, hold my nose and don't let me go." ("Hold me close and don't let me go")

    And when Liz used to sing, "Okmulgee is a snake." (instead of Okmulgee is its name)

    Kids really do say the darndest things.


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