Monday, May 17, 2010

We're All About Smiles and Buddha Bellies

Want to see something cute?

That's a giggly little girl right there. She was just squirming with happiness when Uncle Mike took that shot. I've never seen a baby smile so much at just 6 weeks, so I think she's going to be quite the social butterfly. OK, so she did have more than her fair share of toots, but I honestly think these were real smiles. Look at the chubby tum on that kid! Sweet.

Meanwhile, we were all smiles, too. Mike and I dropped off the girls on Friday, had a lovely dinner for two at a Swiss restaurant in NH to celebrate Mike's birthday, and then drove down to Stamford, CT, where we stayed overnight in a fancy Hilton with a cushy king sized bed. The next morning we were in Manhattan, cruising around Chinatown and Little Italy with Amy and Betty Boop, enjoying the sunshine. We missed Roger, who was in Colorado for Guard duty, but we managed not to eat all the chocolate chip cookies I made and we left him some homemade mac and cheese and 3 different flavors of ice cream. We also went to Ferrara's, which is a block from Amy's, for coffee and pastries on Sunday morning and then back again after lunch for gelato. I seriously gained 3 pounds in 36 hours. Curses!

Want to see something else cute?

Check out that chubby tum!

And how about this?

Can you stand the cuteness? Well, prepare yourself, because here comes some more!

No get out there and have a lovely Monday, people!


  1. There is some really serious cuteness in this post!

  2. I just have a few things to say about this.

    1) Those are so very, very cute little girls. And their buddha bellies are cute too. May I have one of them please? (the cute little girls, not the buddha belly)

    2) Hiltons are my absolute favorite hotels ever. I don't think I've ever stayed in one I wanted to ever leave.

    3) What is with all the girl grandchildren in the Fowler family?? Isn't anyone going to have a little Fowler boy??

    Okay, I'm done now.


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