Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Little E is in the House!

You can't keep Kate out of the Jumparoo!

Snack time and watching a video

Ellie G loves the Jumparoo, too!

Maggie is reading E a story. E is listening very attentively.

Why do you just keep flashing that light in my face, lady?

Checking out the fascinating little person

Maggie said she was playing restaurant with Elizabeth.

Only one of the children was being sweet while I was getting dinner ready. Guess which one!

That looks soooo interesting!

Got it!

Kate shows her how it's done.

Maggie built this castle all by herself! She was very proud.

Chaos ensues.


Nakey time! Kate loves to honk honk people's noses.

Cozy PJs - Our girls are pretending to be asleep.

No one would sit still!

I think this looks like they are admiring the baby Jesus!

Here's some myrrh, baby Jesus. Do something nice with it.

Can you find two little girls hidden in this picture? It helps if you tip your head back and squint.

And this last picture was actually from this morning, but I had to include it. Maggie spent a long time cooking "warm worms" for Joyce and Maxine and made them sit at the table with her to eat them. That's some excellent parenting.

Many more photos are up on Snapfish!

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