Friday, October 22, 2010

Not THAT Tea Party!

Today we had a real little tea party, complete with hot tepid chocolate, marshmallows, goldfish crackers, banana chips, and buttered toast cut into triangles. Kate LOVED the toast and ate most of it herself. Maggie spooned out marshmallows into everyone's cup, whether they wanted them or not, and even successfully refilled my hot chocolate for me without flooding the table. Nevertheless, all the place mats we were using as a table cloth had to go into the laundry basket, although the carpet's no worse than it was before. We all had a smashing good time, dahling!

Notice Kate eating toast in almost all of these pictures!

We used my real tea things because their plastic play set is filthy from being under the couch and dumped in the bottom of the toy box.

The little cups the girls are using are actually espresso cups Mike and I bought on a trip to San Antonio. All of my cups are too big for the girls to manage easily so I may have to buy them their own larger set of espresso cups - they're the perfect size.

We are using my little snowman teapot, which they liked very much, and I wasn't too worried about breaking it. It's really meant to be a one-cup teapot with a large cup as the bottom half of the pot, but I hid the marshmallows in the cup and the girls thought that was the coolest!

Very prim and proper

These marshmallows are gorgeous, Petal! (I don't know why English people say that food is gorgeous when they mean delicious, but they really do.)

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  1. Loved the tea party pictures. The girls are just dahling!!!!

    Love, Aunt Ann


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