Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Hey folks! I'm back with a new Tu(n)esday post! It's been too long, but I now have fresh inspiration. Our current favorite album is Lisbon by The Walkmen (be sure to check that link out - they are marketing their album along with specially designed posters and t-shirts on ETSY! - cool idea). They're a New York City band, and you may remember their hit The Rat from 2005. In case you don't trust my judgement, here's a review from the music website Pitchfork that gives the current album an 8.6 (out of 10 - quite an achievement for Pitchfork) and labels them Best New Music.

My current favorite song on the album is "Blue As Your Blood" although really all the songs are extremely good EXCEPT for "Follow the Leader," which drives me crazy - in a bad way. Here's a recording of "Blue As Your Blood":

Here are the rest of the videos and an interview from this session at AOL and here is a series of videos they did at a radio station in Seattle. Clickey click click and enjoy!

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  1. "Angela Surf City" is awesome, too!


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