Saturday, August 27, 2011

Katie Sez...

I almost gotta cry, Mama!

[As we arrive home from Wendy's yesterday with chocolate Frostys]

Me: Why did you almost cry?!

I was so sad for Daddy!

Why are you sad for Daddy?

Because he had to go to work!

...then her mournful expression turns into a grin and she digs into her Frosty...


Four years ago I was jealous most days that Daddy got to escape to the office, but as the years go by, there are more and more days when I also feel a bit sad for Daddy that he has to go to work. Lucky for him, Monday at the office is Sundae Mondae when everyone brings ice cream and toppings and they have nothing but sundaes for lunch! I should probably plan to serve something very meat-oriented for dinner...

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  1. John was drawing what Noah told him to the other night. It was a picture of the beach with Annalise, Noah and Mommy playing in the waves. When John asked Noah where was Daddy, Noah replied, "At work." Sad Daddy!

    We are very lucky to be able to stay home with our kiddos and experience all the adventures they bring!


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