Monday, August 22, 2011


This post is an open letter to those people (several of you; you know who you are!) who like to call me up in February and mock me because I live in a frozen tundra and you are wearing shorts and grilling hamburgers outside on the patio.

I would just like you all to know that today, AUGUST 22nd, I am sitting inside my house with all the windows and screen doors open and no air conditioning on. It is currently 74˚F outside, sunny and breezy with only 47% humidity, according to the Weather Channel. In short, a very lovely day. And now that I have rubbed it in, I am going to sit outside on the deck with a cup of coffee while the girls play in the yard... a cup of HOT coffee!

I told you I would get you back come August, so yeah, uh... nanny nanny boo boo and go stick it in your ear!

And when you call me back in six months, I am going to email you a link to this post, so be forewarned. (And then I will wipe away my tears with the slanket I wear around the house like a backwards coat to keep warm because it's only 47˚ in my kitchen, and that's with the oven on.)

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