Monday, August 29, 2011

Stop! Maggie Time...

So, you say, what's up with Mags these days?

Well, here's a photo I took on Saturday of the Dead End sign she made for Dance Baby Dragon Town, which is the town where she lives... in her mind. She put the Dead End sign up on the post in the kitchen because that corner of the room is, apparently, a dead end. She has mentioned this Dance Baby Dragon Town to me now a few times, because she likes to tell me what is and isn't against the law there and how it applies to her current situation, in which she has usually broken a rule that exists in the town that I live in (reality) and which is NOT a law in Dance Baby Dragon Town.

If she doesn't become an entomologist, or an accountant, or a fry cook on Venus, she's going to be a lawyer. I'm pretty sure of it.

Here's some more of Maggie's art:

This image is Maggie's portrayal of our Skype call the other night with my parents in which our computer crashed and we couldn't finish the call face-to-face. Nana is on the left there, and that's Papa on the right. The big X represents the crash. I suppose an art therapist would tell you that she was quite distressed by this event. By the way, I think the likenesses are quite good. You can see the family resemblance there.

And finally, I took this video of Maggie at her request demand this evening. She wanted me to make a video of her giving a bouquet of leaves to her Dad.

We might need to add performance artist to her list of future professions up there. I never understand what those people are trying to accomplish either!

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