Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dinner Conversation

At dinner tonight:

Maggie: Mazhician is hard to say.

Kate: Mazhician

Maggie: Mazhician, magician, magician... There! I said it! Mazhician. Ugh!

Kate: Mazhician

Maggie: Meow-gician! A cat magician!

Kate: *giggle* Moo-gician! A cow mazhician!

Maggie: Those are my favorite kinds of mazhicians. Mazhicians. Mazhicians! Man!


Also, Katie Sez...

... Dad, am I right or is Maggie wrong?


Mike: Guess what! There are only two more football games this season, one more tonight and then the Super Bowl!

Kate: *Throws both fists in the air* YES!


Kate: There's Tom Brady!

Mike: No, that's number 32 not number 12.

Me: And, that guy is black.

Kate: Arrrggh! *smacks her forehead with her hand*

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