Thursday, January 17, 2013

Katie Sez...

...i'm playing a new game i made up called cat box i'm playing with turtle and earl and we're cats UH HUH and i'm a cat named snickers and i renamed earl yodeyo and turtle i named her naughty COOL and i'm a cat and yodeyo and naughty are the brother and sister and we're living in this box and this box is our house GREAT and its a cat house a cat box and i'm going to decorate this box with stickers and we're going to have a garden where we can jump and twirl and smell the flowers MM HMM and when it's raining we can go in our cat box and when it's snowing we can play in the snow in the garden but also go inside our cat box if it's too cold if we wanna and we can drink hot cocoa THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' ABOUT cuz pretend cats like me and yodeyo and naughty love hot cocoa and we can color on the house cuz its just a box ya know NO PROBLEM and we can color with crayons cuz you won't let me take the markers in the living room and thats just mean! you're just being mean mom! WHATEVS can i have some hot cocoa with marshmallows? in the living room? NO i don't want it if I can't have it in the living room you're so mean YUP me and yodeyo and naughty are having a birthday party for our baby cat baby socks and it's her birthday NEAT-O and she's one year old today RAD and we're going to have cake and balloons and a tea party in the garden cuz its not raining today in our cat town and you're not invited because you are mean TOTALLY and there's no hot cocoa and do you want a cup of tea mom? SURE THING do you want to come sit in the garden and have some tea for baby socks' birthday party because i sent you an invitation here it is SUPER i colored it with crayons because all the markers are in the kitchen and here it is WOW and you can come to our garden party in the cat box garden and there's gonna be snacks YOU DON'T SAY can you bring some snacks in here in the living room cat box garden for our birthday party MM HMM and you can come and sit and have a cat birthday party and we need snacks like pretzels RIGHT get the pretzels mom cuz cats love snacks RIGHT ON and i wanna watch a show i wanna watch jake and the neverland pirates UH HUH and pirates are crazy because they always have to mess around with captain hook and they have a hideout and pixie dust and i wish i had pixie dust RIGHTY RIGHT-O and we should go to the beach is it summer yet mom? WHAT? is it summer now? can we go to the beach and dig for pirate treasure cuz you know they always bury it and that's why it's so tricky and we have to go to the beach and dig for it SURE and i'll need my beach shovel so I can find that pirate treasure and then we'll have a box of gold monies and we can get a hideout I BET and my cat box is a hideout for pirate treasure and i can hide out in there and hunt for gold doubloons UH HUH and when it's raining and storming and the cats are scared and we can hide out in the cat box hideout and be warm and cozy and safe HMMM and the cats were scared mom scared of the thunder and the lightening and the hurricanes and the volcanoes SURE and so I put them in the cat box hideout where they can be safe and warm and cozy and i got some gorilla glue out of your drawer in the kitchen and i glued the box up so they can't get out and get all scared of the hurricane...



  1. Amanda - how in the world did you remember all of that conversation to post it?? Just hilarious!

    Love, Ann

  2. Ann, perhaps I shouldn't have posted this as a "Katie Sez..." post because they are always exact quotes of the goofy stuff they say and this is a paraphrase. However, we have a very similar conversation to this about once a day, so I'm pretty familiar with the plotline (maybe she and the cats are playing Rapunzel and watching My Little Pony instead)! She likes to keep my on my toes by randomly throwing in a nasty surprise ending maybe once every 10 times. "Blah, blah... Oh, by the way Mom, I poured myself a glass of milk and spilled it all on the couch!" :)


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