Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Katie Sez...

... Am I going to school or is it Katie-stay-home-day? (Getting back into the car after dropping Mags at school.)

Me: It's Katie-stay-home-with-Mom-day.

Kate: O! K! (in a cheerleader voice, clapping her hands) Where do we need to go today?

Me: Nowhere. We're just going back home today.

Kate: O! K! Let's go home and eat candy!

... Let me show you my new game that Dad bought for me. (She punches in the password to the iPad which she figured out on her own even though she can barely spell.) OK, Mom, watch and learn!


... Look, Mom! I just invented this. I call it "coxiebomb!"

(She holds up what is basically the heavy metal devil horn handsign.)

Sorry, Dude. Ronnie James Dio beat you to it.
Rock 'n Roll, Kate!

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  1. What a sweet easygoing kid she is. Happy most of the time. Can't wait to see all of you--soon! (Need some lists, Amanda.)
    Love, Nana


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