Thursday, November 8, 2012


Another Nor'easter hit last night, dumping our first few inches of snow this season. This morning it's pouring rain, making the whole business a big slushy mess, but the girls did get a chance to run outside yesterday afternoon and catch a few snowflakes on their tongues.

They were super excited about the snow. First thing after getting out of bed this morning, Kate told us she needed to get dressed so she could go out and build a snowman, and Maggie was pretty disappointed that school wasn't cancelled for three measly inches of slush. I spent the entire car ride to school trying to convince them that there are going to MONTHS of snowfall in their immediate future and plenty of opportunities to play in it.

True New Englanders they may be, as they shook their fists at the sky and shouted, "We know you can do better than this!! Bring it!"

Their Dad and I, on the other hand, are just beginning our prayers for mercy this winter.

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