Sunday, June 14, 2009

Home Stretch

2 more days left until we sign on the dotted line and become home owners! The time can not pass fast enough; we are chomping at the bit.

The appraisal is done (very interesting info, everything looked very good) so the mortgage is finally really finalized. The china is packed. The propaganda has begun to make Maggie believe that moving to a new bedroom will be more exciting than Christmas and her birthday all rolled into one - nothing to fret about, it's gonna be awesome! And Mike is downloading the software onto his laptop as I type so that Maggie can watch Max & Ruby cartoons on DVD while we go through the closing ringamarole. Kate is indifferent. The cats have gathered that something is afoot, but they're distracted by their love of cardboard boxes.

I would also like to take a moment to become one of those horrible, awful kind of gloaty-gloating-braggity-braggarts and crow about how the interest rates are rising as we speak but we already locked our loan about a month ago! Hurrah! That's about $250 less a month on our mortgage payment. Mike is doing his Lord of the Dance jig in the living room. It's quite a sight.

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  1. Yay for moving! It is so much fun! Have fun at your closing. Giving them that check is an experience! We celebrated buying our house by going to IHOP. After all it was 9:00 AM and I was 4 months pregnant. Good luck!


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