Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Teething with Rage

Kate must be cutting her first tooth (or two). She's driving everyone else in the house (including the cats) out of our minds! I was up at midnight, 3am, 4, and about 4:45 to 6am last night with her. Of course, right now, she's perfectly happy and giggling away in her swing - because it's daylight and I'm sufficiently thoroughly exhausted. The bags under mommy's eyes are now too large to fit in the overhead compartment; next time I fly I will have to pay $50 each to check them.

One piece of advice I have for all the moms of small fry out there: get yourself one of those mesh feeder things ( and fill it with frozen peas (nb: Kate has already successfully eaten strained baby food peas, so we're good to go). Frozen peas work better than chew toys in my opinion. Another great teether: frozen bagel pieces - thanks, Kiki!

Regardless, teething with Maggie was hell, and it looks like Kate is going to follow suit. If someone offered me the opportunity to give birth to Kate all over again - maybe even without the epi! - in exchange for not having to deal with teething ever again, I might just take them up on it! At least it would all be over soon that way. Let's hope I'll be uploading pics of some new little teefies here very, very soon. I have all my fingers crossed!

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