Wednesday, June 10, 2009

She Still Hasn't Found What She's Looking For

What is Maggie looking for? Baldischwiler.

Today, Maggie asked to play with our flashlight, which is one of her new favorite toys. She was doing her usual routine of looking under all the furniture and shining the light in the cats' eyes when she suddenly asked me to help her look, she can't find any. Any what? Baldischwiler. Actually, she pronounces it "Bawdishweiger" but I knew what she was talking about. She looked under the sofa, no bawdishweiger there. She looked in the kitchen, no bawdishweiger. Her closet? Nope. Behind the shower curtain? Nope. On the porch? No bawdishweiger there either. I asked if I had any bawdishweiger, and she said yes. So do the cats, apparently, although I guess they won't tell her where they keep it hidden. Finally she told me she found it. "Come with me, run down the hall!" she said. She pointed the beam of the flashlight into the open dryer. "There it is!" We keep our Baldischwiler in the dryer around here. Later, we did another round of hunting with Daddy and she eventually informed us that bawdishweiger is a sticker. A sticker? She showed me a small Santa doll of hers that had a large round Dora the Explorer sticker on it. That's the bawdishweiger? Yes! Strangely enough, a few days ago she was giving each of us one of these Dora stickers to wear because, as she said, we are a family. One for Mike, one for me, one for Katie, one for Maggie, one for Earl, one for Turtle (and one for Santa I guess) because we are all in a family. Weird. When we come to Oklahoma in September, we'll be sure to bring our flashlight so that we can point out to Maggie just exactly where all our Baldischwiler has been hanging out all this time.

I swear I'm not making this stuff up! The sticker is actually a pictures of maracas from a Dora sticker book, not a picture of Dora herself.


  1. Amy Giulioli Royse, DVMJune 11, 2009 at 6:45 PM

    I doubled over in laughing fits when I read this. She definitely has found her Baldischwiler ... not only physically but mentally as well.


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