Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Money Pit

...starring Mike as Walter Fielding and Amanda as Anna Fielding.

So it's begun, our inevitable slide into fixer-upper hell. The night before last, Mike was at the house working on the taping and prep for the painting this weekend. As he was leaving, he locked the side door and then pulled on the handle to check to see if it was really locked.

...Let me just pause a moment to say that Mike is a little OCD about checking the locks and he gets a little more violent than I would consider absolutely necessary, but I doubt that he could pull a door clean off its hinges with his bare hands (sorry, hun, but you aren't the Hulk)...

Anyway, he rattles the door handle and the dead bolt falls off!! It's one of those night latch locks that's more external to the door itself than embedded in it (like this), and it had replacement screws holding it on. Those screws just surrendered helplessly under Mike's manly assault, I guess. Anyway, today, after trips to a local shop that specializes in locks and the hardware store plus one evening's failed attempt to install the new, real dead bolt himself (which I can only imagine involved a lot of colorful language), Mike screwed the door shut for now and scheduled a locksmith to come out to the house and sort it all out for us. As Kenny Rogers so wisely sang, you gotta know when to fold 'em.

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