Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Murphy, Your Law Sucks

The girls are sick. Did you really expect anything else? Maggie's probably been sick 3 times in her whole life, so it makes perfect sense that she'd get sick now that we have relatives coming in town to help us paint and there's tons of stuff to be packed up and cleaned.

It's really just a cold - Mike's been battling it for about a week (I just want to take this opportunity to blame this all on him!) - but they have low grade fevers and are congested with a phlegmy cough. Kate kept waking herself up all last night (not like she hasn't been a night owl for the past few weeks anyway) until she just got so tired, I think, that she would just go "ooh, ah" in her sleep after coughing. Then she unloaded her diaper all over the swing this morning. Otherwise, though, they seem to be acting pretty normal. Kate's a little cranky but Maggie's in good spirits. It's so much harder when they're limp and sluggish and seem to be suffering.

So instead of heading over to the house to jump in the garden and sleep in the leaves and finish scouring the fridge, we're hanging out on the couch, drinking juice and watching Dora. Maybe I'll get some laundry and packing done instead. That reminds me... I'd better start that load of Kate's pjs and the seat from the swing before it starts stinking up the place.

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