Friday, January 29, 2010

Bad Manners

This week we bought Maggie and Kate a $6000 roof for their birthdays and they don't even have the decency to be grateful. In fact, they act as if they don't really understand what's going on at all. They could at least say thank you. Tsk, kids today.

PS - Today's Lesson Learned: dry rub comprised of salt and spices + dry, cracked wintertime dishpan hands = yowee zowee!


  1. Ouch -- that's no small change. What are you making a dry rub for? OH....word of advice -- you have got to try the PW sour cream pancakes in that cookbook I got you! Fabulous and very easy. The girls will LOVE them.

  2. Oh the Pioneer Woman is my hero. I'm not sure if it is in her cookbook (which I want so badly), but you have to try her chicken spaghetti (a.k.a. cheesy chicken in our house)! It is super yummy!
    Here is the link to the recipe on her website

  3. The dry rub was for the pork shoulder recipe I chose. It turned out ok but it was way salty! Next time I'm going with Val's recipe, although I'm also dying to try the PW recipe - we didn't do that one because it's a little more tex/mex and Mike wanted bbq. Val, the PW cookbook is fabulous, esp. for someone like us stuck up North dreaming of chicken fried steak! I'm hoping to try out a bunch of the recipes, but I may have to start with the chicken spaghetti now. :)

  4. I've made several of her recipes from her website and she hasn't failed me yet. I think I might have to go look for something yummy now.


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