Friday, January 8, 2010

So Long, It's Been Good to Know Ya

As of today, Kate is officially off formula forever. Yippee for saving that extra $25 a week!! Mike somehow managed to cut himself on the very last can of formula on the very last day before it was empty... Don't worry, it's minor, but seems like some kind of bad karma. He must have harmed some formula in a past life!

I'm also starting to pack up the bottles and bottle paraphernalia because I'm hoping to wean her off onto a sippy cup asap. She likes them and does better with them than Maggie did at this age, but she mostly likes to let the milk run out of her mouth onto her shirt instead of swallow it. Why?? She doesn't do that with her bottles. It cracks her up though. I guess once she gets good and thirsty, she'll stop.

I'm feeling very fortunate that Amy B. is having a baby soon because as I move through these milestones with Kate, it's helping me to feel excited and relieved instead of sad. Kate's my last baby and perhaps I should feel wistful and reluctant to let go of these baby days and baby things, but as I pack up the girls' stuff, I feel like I'm gathering it in preperation for the next baby instead of just tossing it out. It just isn't MY baby specifically. But I know these little things are not gone from my life forever and that helps me a great deal. I feel like I get to just appreciate how big she's getting and enjoy the greater freedom and independence this next year will bring instead of clinging to something lost.

Not that you have to save all this junk and use it forever, Amy!! Just toss it out when I'm not looking, OK?! Thanks.

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  1. We are so thankful for all of the necessities/ goodies headed our way!! The time is great and you guys are a lifesaver! Miss Kate is becoming quite the little lady. I am sure that once baby brandt comes to carry the torch you will still be enjoying sleeping through the night and not dealing with all of these "baby things". :) Upward and onward!


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