Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Mike and I have been fans of a band called Old Crow Medicine Show for a while now. They play kind of old timey country/bluegrass jug band music. I know what you're thinking... What?! Stay with me here people. They are awesome. So awesome that Gillian Welch (you know her if you've seen Oh, Brother Where Art Thou? or have ever heard of T-Bone Burnett) and her musical partner David Rawlings have toured with them, produced their albums, been in their videos, endorsed them in every way, etc. Now Dave, who usually plays back up to Gillian and other artists but who is an amazing guitar player, has started his own band the Dave Rawlings Machine. Who did he get to be The Machine? Old Crow Medicine Show, that's who. Wicked Awesome! Here's my current favorite song on his album Friend of a Friend; it's called Ruby. This is kind of a poor video because it isn't really a music video (they don't have one), it's just an in-store performance. But for a song recorded on someone's digital camera in a music store, it an awesome performance. Not many bands these days could sound so good in such odd conditions.

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  1. My son is still a fan of the bluegrass/folk genre. He came scampering over as fast as his little legs could carry him to hear this song. I will have to ceck out their album. Just FYI, I too, like it. I don't listen to it much but I do enjoy it.


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