Sunday, January 3, 2010


Previously, I stated that Kate's birthday is this Thursday. That is incorrect. It isn't that I do not know the date of my youngest child's birth. It is that I am confused about what day of the week that falls on this year. Kate's birthday is January 6th, every year, and this year that date falls on Wednesday. Please adjust your celebrations so that they occur on the appropriate day.

Thank you and my sincere apologies.


Auntie Amy Brandt has already collected her Eagle Eye Award prize of getting to hear Maggie perform her famous rendition of DECK! the Halls on speakerphone. Congratulations!!

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  1. Very nice. I am happy that all of your blog fans will celebrate miss kate on the appropriate day. I feel so lucky to have won the prize of maggie's exuberant singing performance. She definitely knows how to DECK!!!! those halls :)


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