Monday, January 18, 2010

Bad Parenting 101?

We got some more snow last night so Mike was out today shoveling the driveway. Maggie went out with him for a little while to goof around in the snow, and when passing by the kitchen window, I peeked out to check on them and saw this:

Mike decided to endanger the life of our first born by piling up a heap of snow and sticking her slide on top of it. She loved it. Kate and I stepped out on the deck to watch her take a few runs down her own personal double black diamond and she was cackling with glee, skidding across the backyard on her bum. Except for the one time that Mike actually attempted to get a video, of course. This is not child abuse, just dumb luck. Please don't turn this in to the police as evidence. Thank you.

In our defense, you can hear her laughing if you listen carefully.

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  1. Ha! That looks like so much fun! I know a certain 8 almost 9 month old that one day in the future will like to do something similar!
    By the way a little mouth full of snow never hurt anybody!


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