Monday, January 25, 2010


We never ever go to the movies these days, so we haven't seen Crazy Heart, but we hear it's great. And who doesn't love Jeff Bridges (The Dude!), Robert Duvall, and Maggie Gyllenhaal? We also heard that the sound track was incredible as well and were pleasantly surprised to see that it heavily features Ryan Bingham. His song "The Weary Kind" won the Golden Globe for Best Original Song. We have his album Mescalito and have listened to it quite a lot. Mike's actually probably a bigger fan than I am, but I do really love his gravelly voice. I think now that he's working with the likes of T-Bone, the quality of the songs will be polished up just that last little bit that I felt was lacking. The soundtrack itself does look awesome (Buck Owens! The Louvin Brothers! Lightnin' Hopkins! Waylon Jennings! Townes Van Zandt!... plus Colin Farrell? Interesting. And Robert Duvall and Jeff Bridges sing), so it's definitely on our To Get list. Enjoy!

PS - Here's a sponge to mop up your drool. He is pretty easy on the eyes.

Next week I promise to put something up that isn't so country-ish for those of you who are holding your ears and howling right now! :)

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  1. Um...yummy! The song isn't too shabby either!


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