Monday, January 4, 2010

Nice and Safe

We've taken (and shared) quite a few photos of Kate with various things perched on her head. She genuinely seems to like it, and it only adds to the hilarity that her noggin is so delightfully round like a pumpkin. If you can stand a few more Buckethead videos, come right this way...

It's especially nice how you can hear us in the background encouraging her to put the bucket on her head. We're supportive parents. Here are some killer dance moves:

And here's a photo of Maggie getting in on the act:

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  1. I also encourage Noah to put things on his head. Life just isn't worth living unless you have something on your head that was never meant to be there! Noah is especially fond of little piece of polar fleece with a bunch of ribbon on it. We refer to it as his beret.
    Now just watch to make sure Kate is not running into any doorways!


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